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Christian Faithfulness and Human Sexuality 

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Voices from the Gay Community 

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Biblical Understandings - August 2015 

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Current Conversation:  Christian Faithfulness and Human Sexuality

Three Ways I Was Wrong...And How We Can Get It Right

Growing up, I used to believe that the most serious, committed Christians were the ones who could give unambiguously clear-cut answers to controversial questions. I saw nuance as a form of wishy-washiness. Black-and-white moral questions needed black-and-white answers, I thought. If someone asked a question about the morality of homosexual relationships, for instance, and someone else began their response with “Well, it’s complicated...” I would have been quick to jump in with, “No, it’s not complicated. It’s wrong. The Bible forbids it. God condemns it. That’s all you need to know. Truth isn’t relative.” 

I still believe in Ultimate Truth. I still believe God has the final word and that the Bible is morally authoritative for us as Christians. But these days, I also believe a lot of things truly are complicated.

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The Hidden Paths of Love

The question we've been given is, “What are your beliefs about morally appropriate relationships between persons who experience same-sex attraction?” This is (a modified version of) the question being asked by American culture today, but there are a couple of respects in which I don't think it's the best question to address the needs of our churches and the longings of our hearts.

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Topic #1: Voices from the Gay Community


Launch Date for Conversation: July 1, 2015

Conversation Partners:

            Eve Tushnet, Catholic Patheos Blogger

            Justin Lee, Executive Director, The Gay Christian Network

Leading Question: What are your beliefs about morally appropriate relationships between persons who experience same-sex attraction?